Our Approach


Synergy Renewables offers a turnkey renewable energy solution. 

Our technology and process is innovative and comprehensive by providing a solution that is environmentally friendly and economically viable. We are acutely aware of the rapidly increasing challenges associated with the need to create more diversified and renewable sources of energy and limited landfill capacities. Synergy’s plants represent a low-cost alternative while addressing these challenges by utilizing proven technologies to create clean, renewable energy. This process decreases our dependence on foreign fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Synergy Renewables finances, designs, permits, constructs and operates its projects facilities utilizing biomass or solid waste.


A typical market will have these attributes:

• Power market characterized by “oil-on-the-margin” pricing

• No anticipated supply curve shifts in foreseeable future

• Renewable energy mandate

• Imminent landfill closures

• Predictable regulatory and permitting environment


A typical project will have these attributes:

• Proven technology

• Lump sum, turn-key EPC contract guaranteed for price, schedule and performance

• Long-term fuel/feedstock supply and offtake agreements

• Site and transmission access

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