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When you rely on Synergy Renewables, you are allowing us to help you be good stewards of your natural resources, create green jobs and allow your community to transform to the next level of energy independence. With our funding in place, Synergy Renewables assumes all of the financial risks of designing, building and operating all of our facilities.

Reduction of Solid Waste Disposal Costs. Depending the situation, Synergy Renewables provides opportunities for local governments to reduce their waste disposal costs and to fix those costs over a 20-30 year period.

Savings in Tipping Fees and/or Operating Costs. By diverting all or a portion of the waste bound for the landfill disposal to our waste-to-energy facility, local government can realize a significant annual savings in escalating operating cost. Over the contract period, the savings can equate to millions of dollars per year.

This savings can be through elimination of tipping fees paid to an outside landfill operator by diverting the waste to our facility. Alternatively, if the landfill is government owned savings are captured by reducing costs associated with spreading, compacting, daily cover, new cell construction and permit compliance.

Increase Landfill Life Cycle and Services.
If the local government owns the landfill, the reduction of waste processed into its landfill extends the life of the landfill. This delays costs associated with opening new cells, closeout or permitting and building new landfills. The permitting and construction of new land fills is getting more difficult and expensive. In some areas new landfills are no longer feasible.

Reduced Hauling Expenses. There is also an opportunity to reduce costs associated with the hauling of waste to the ultimate disposal site by locating our waste-to-energy facility near transfer stations or closer to the collection areas. The local government can realize savings related to rising fuel and maintenance expenses.

No Development Cost to Local Government or Taxpayers. Synergy Renewables is responsible for all monies necessary for the design, permitting, construction and operation of the waste-to-energy facility including the long-term permanent project financing.

New Property Tax Revenue. Depending on the final plant cost and the community, it is expected that our waste-to-energy facilities will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new property and other taxes for the local government. This will equate to millions of dollars of new revenue over the life of the facility.

New Employment and Capital Investment. Depending on the size of the facility, the project will positively affect the local economy by creating approximately 100 construction jobs and over 25-30 permanent "green jobs." Synergy Renewables will provide job training and the facility will require an on-going capital investment in green technology and renewable energy operations that will prove to be beneficial for the local economy.

Safe, Clean and Expandable Technology. Synergy Renewables waste-to-energy technology has clean emissions and operates safely, creating locally produced renewable energy. The technology is modular allowing expansion to accept more waste, thus providing additional disposal options to the local government as the waste volume increases in the future.

Compatible with Existing Waste Collection Program. Our technology can be designed to cause little or no change to existing collection routes and contracts and the development schedule can be customize to accommodate existing contracts for waste disposal.

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